Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart, Executive Director of Emerging Markets at SuccessKPI, is focused on helping organizations turn digital implementations into digital transformations. In 2019, Erin completed coursework at the M.I.T Sloan School of Management concentrating on Artificial Intelligence- Implications for Business Strategy and she was named “Best Woman in Software and Technology Sales” by Women in Sales - North America. In 2020, Erin and her team were honored to be awarded the Top Receivables Product of the Year in the January/February issue of ReceivablesAdvisor magazine. Most recently, Erin is honored to be a Judge for the Women in Sales - North America 2021 Awards.

Two employees look at a digital notepad together while reviewing reports.

Another Reason to Migrate Your CX Application to the Cloud: Exceptional Reports and Extraordinary Insights

By Erin Stewart / December 7, 2022

One thing businesses learned during the pandemic was the value of cloud-based applications. Organizations benefited from the ability to work-from-anywhere with all the security, scalability, and functionality they needed. Those businesses also began to realize they can save as much as 40% in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO or the sum of all costs involved…

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Customer Service Agent Smiling With Headphones

3 Ways Speech and Text Analytics Can Transform Your Contact Center

By Erin Stewart / April 28, 2022

Successful contact centers thrive on data. But for too many, that data can be incredibly difficult to access and synthesize into meaningful information for a variety of reasons: unclean or incomplete data, data that is spread across multiple platforms, or even a lack of understanding of what metrics to focus on, just to name a few.

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Customer-Centric Debt Collections: How Regulation F is Changing How We Connect With Customers

By Erin Stewart / December 22, 2021

As regulations are changing in the debt collection industry, specifically Regulation F, learn how to take a more customer-centric approach in your communications.

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