Piyush Patel

Piyush drives technology vision and architecture across SuccessKPI. He leads a globally distributed and diverse team of technologists responsible for building, operating and securing the company’s innovative serverless, highly secured and AI driven products and platform. He is also a member of company’s Board of Directors.

3 Key Elements to your Modern end-to-end Data Strategy

By Piyush Patel / December 29, 2021

By 2024, global spending on AI, will reach $110 billion (IDC). No matter where you are today in our ML journey, you need a data strategy that works for your business needs now and for the future. Learn 3 key elements for your modern end-to-end data strategy

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AI-Powered Speech Analytics: Is the AI Overlord Taking Over the Contact Center?

By Piyush Patel / March 9, 2021

Learn how to use Speech and Text Analytics to Improve Customer Service.

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