Rachel Schaeffer

Rachel Schaeffer is a Global Director of Sales at SuccessKPI focused on bringing AI/ML innovation and driving business outcomes for enterprises in partnership with AWS Connect and CCI. With nearly 30 years of experience in business development, Rachel is an avid advocate for women in technology. Based in New Jersey, Rachel supports causes she is passionate about including cancer, Alzheimer's, veterans, and animals.

How to Leverage Chatbots to Build a More Effective and Personalized Customer Experience

By Rachel Schaeffer / July 27, 2022

Converging simple and complex metrics to get the most out of your conversational intelligence software The modern digital world provides consumers with more choices than ever, meaning their expectations have never been higher. Users demand personalized experiences across devices and channels. Rather than a nice-to-have, it has become expected that companies leverage key customer experience…

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