Amazon Connect driving huge innovation in Contact Centre

Contact center is 10B+ industry with very few legacy vendors. These players had huge responsibility to provide the customer experience for business across the world over decades and I must admit, they failed to come even close. When was the last time you loved interacting with an IVR or speaking to an agent? I don’t think it was lack of resources as all these vendors had deep pockets but what they struggled with was creativity and WILL to transform the world

Then walks in Amazon with ‘Connect’. It was not another contact center provider. No, I am not talking about the brand value of Amazon. That definitely helped but I meant the product itself. They fundamentally changed the way contact center solutions were designed.

Lets take a closer look. A typical customer experience has four stages:


Engage – It allows customers access to various channels like voice and chat.

Intent – Its where you try to understand customer’s purpose of reach out. This is where Amazon Lex (Engine behind Alexa) is proving to be a killer service. Talk to any company which has implemented Natural language solutions and they will tell you how they spent millions of dollars to get that done. Building a Bot never looked easy.

Serve – Once you understand the intent more accurately, Amazon lets you build the flows to “serve’ those customers better.

Connect – I understand, not every call or interaction can be self-served, that’s where you can seamlessly ‘connect’ those interactions to an agent with full context.


Every contact center vendor claims to do this but what’s different this time is, Amazon isn’t  giving a ‘solution’ but a set of services like Lex, Transcribe, Comprehend, Kinesis Stream, Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis Analytics, Redshift, S3, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Athena, QuickSight etc that can be used to build a ‘solution’. That’s where creativity is getting commoditized. Its no longer a privilege of a few. Services companies like SuccessKPIs are taking these services and building world class customer experiences helping companies to differentiate and win.


Lets the best customer experience win! Amen.