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Don’t just observe: Turn conversations into action that improves business outcomes

The ways customers engage with companies and brands continue to expand, from email, website, social media, call with an agent, voice self-service, web chat, mobile apps, instant messaging, video chat, and more. These tools are embedded into the omnichannel customer journey that extends beyond the traditional customer service channels, from sales to brand marketing. On the back end, there are countless systems and platforms containing data from the customer journey. And when you consider the multitude of customer interaction channels, it’s easy to see why getting a full picture of a customer journey – and providing a personalized experience that’s now table stakes – remains complex. The initial hurdle is to bring the data into a unified view, but simply having access to observe what’s happening in a customer journey is not enough to move the needle for businesses.  

The solution is to turn these conversations into actions that drive business results and personalized experiences.

The first step is to analyze 100% of your customer conversations, no matter the channel. The power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI, and machine learning now make it possible to capture the exact meaning from every customer interaction – and it’s this data that’s the basis for driving improved business outcomes. Without this data, you’re making decisions and building processes without the full picture. 

The second step is where businesses can get stuck: they finally achieve a Single Source of Truth, but without the right toolset, it can take manual time and resources to make the data actionable and finally, act on that information. This is why it’s critical to automate timely actions or automate “plays” based on your customer conversations either afterward or in real-time, depending on the need or detected trigger. This includes automated coaching, guidance, and alerts sent directly to agents servicing the customer. Welcome to a world in which you can map and automate the next best action based on call sentiment, keywords, themes, and specific metrics. 

SuccessKPI's Playbook Builder in action

See how insight-driven action works in real-life scenarios:

Better customer experiences

  • Pinpoint how your business can reduce the time it takes for a customer to accomplish what they came to do. For example, if they’ve just added a new car to their insurance, automate sending the Proof of Insurance. 
  • Discover what triggers customers to initiate interactions and feed this knowledge back into your business processes to decrease operational costs. For example, if interest rates are rising, send a proactive notice of the day/time they’ll need to lock in the current rate. 

Better operations

  • Find out why customers opt out of automation and how IVR may be insufficient. For example, callers often request “Agent” at this point in the call flow. 
  • Identify early signs of churn and take steps to support those customers throughout their interactions with the organization. For example, listen for keywords during the live interaction such as “cancel my service.” 
  • Automatically redact keywords that you don’t want to be transcribed or stored. For example, personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit card and social security numbers. 

Whether you’re looking to provide better, more personalized customer experiences or seeking to improve operations, it’s time to activate the power of insight-driven automation for growing customer loyalty, reducing operational costs, improving agent retention, and increasing revenue.

Don’t just observe. Drive action for business outcomes. Learn more about how SuccessKPI can help you turn conversations into actionable insights.