How Does Speech Analytics Work?

Speech analytics is a multistep process that involves the analysis of recorded calls to gather critical customer information. Speech analytics tools take unstructured audio data and convert it into a more structured format that organizations can search and analyze. This data helps organizations determine the reasons for customer calls and provide real-time and historical analytics to improve future interactions.

The Speech Analytics Process

Step 1: Gathering Audio Conversations

A speech analytics tool processes the unstructured data in source systems, such as call recorders or VoIP streams. The tool then matches the data with structured metadata, such as agent name, customer name, time, and call length.

Step 2: Speech Recognition

Now the audio goes through the speech recognition process. The speech analysis software turns the sound into text. As this happens, the tool also extracts the acoustic signals, such as silence and agitation in the voice.

If an organization uses multiple channels to communicate with clients, the tool deals with nuanced differences in various conversation formats. Consequently, enterprises can follow customers' journeys and identify repeat contacts irrespective of the communication channels they used.

Step 3: Analysis

Next, the speech analytics tool examines the conversations for language patterns. The tool tags or categorizes contacts as containing certain characteristics or language. Some advanced speech analytics tools also support automatic scoring. Automatic scoring involves the identification of key metrics that act as performance indicators for various goals. For example, enterprises may need to keep track of customer service agent quality, emotion, first contact resolution, and customer satisfaction.

This step gives organizations accurate and objective feedback that management can use to personalize agents' coaching and training.

Step 4: Results

Companies get actionable customer insights that management can share across the enterprise.

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