Improving call center metrics is critical to improving CX. Here are some of the ways you can improve call center metrics in your organization.

1. How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The goal of the contact center is to keep service costs low while maintaining higher caller satisfaction. Here are some ways organizations can improve customer satisfaction:

      • Keep call center employees happy.
      • Resolve customer calls the first time.
      • Use call-backs and eliminate hold time.

2. Improving First-Call Resolution

There’s no shortcut for improving first-call resolution. Organizations have to focus on three key areas – product, process, and people. To improve this metric, call center leadership must ensure agents have good listening skills and can solve problems. They should sound confident, anticipate caller questions, and follow through on any commitments they make during the call.

3. Improving Employee Satisfaction

Call center leaders should take proactive measures to stop call center agents from becoming disengaged and ultimately leaving the job. While keeping employees happy may not be easy, it helps reduce agent churn and talent loss. Here’s how enterprises can improve employee satisfaction:

      • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys.
      • Put in place career development pathways.
      • Deliver well-structured benefit plans.
      • Recognize and reward good performance.
      • Create an environment with a good work-life balance.

4. Improving Average Handle Time

Here’s how enterprises can improve average handle time in the call center:

    • Providing agent coaching in multiple skillsets
    • Optimizing IVR by using skills-based routing
    • Learning how to anticipate questions from customers and provide the right information
    • Automating tasks where possible
    • Giving agents the right resources


Enterprises cannot improve what they don’t measure. SuccessKPI provides the tools modern-day call centers use to monitor and improve their key metrics. 

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