How to Track Customer Journey Analytics

Many enterprises struggle with how to track customer journey analytics. The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand.  Customer journey analytics is monitoring data derived from customer interactions.  Each interaction is documented and the sum of these interactions provides the complete customer journey. Some sources of customer journey data include:

  • Online and in-store sales data
  • Web browsing data
  • Survey data
  • Customer service data
  • Data from advertising platforms
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Web analytics
  • Loyalty data
  • Mobile app data
  • Customer reviews

Customer Journey Analytics Guide

  1. Map Out the Customer Journey Touchpoints


    Organizations must consider all the customer-facing activities of the business. Once they have identified these activities, they should map out how customers interact with the business.

  2. Review All Platforms


    Gather data from all customer interaction touchpoints. Organizations should include any platform that can provide insights into customer behavior beyond voice, including e-mail, chat, sms, or social media.

  3. Analyze the Data


    Organizations should ask the following when analyzing customer journey data:

  • Actions


    What actions are customers taking at each stage?

  • Motivations


    What kind of emotions does each stage in the customer journey evoke?

  • Questions


    What are the questions customers are struggling to find answers to at each stage? Do the uncertainties drive away customers? Is the product or process too complicated?

  • Obstacles


    What obstacles do customers face in each stage of the journey? Does the cost of the product or service produce an objection? Is there anything else that causes the customer to depart while moving through the organization’s customer journey?


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