How to Use Speech Analytics

Learning how to use speech analytics enables organizations to turn recorded customer calls into actionable insights long after the customer hangs up. Speech analytics software detects trends based on predetermined keywords and phrases, pitch variations, emotions, and silences.

Here is how modern-day organizations can benefit from speech analytics.

  • An Early Warning System


    Speech analytics allows enterprises to analyze customer calls to identify key customer complaints. Insights from speech analytics can help fix broken processes and procedures that agitate customers. Consequently, organizations can resolve arising issues before they escalate.

  • Identifying Competitive Challenges


    Speech analytics helps to detect rival services and products that are attracting the attention of customers. Organizations can respond by improving their marketing campaigns, managing objections, and introducing new services and products using the intelligence gathered from speech analytics.  Effective use of identifying key competitors helps agents be more effective at managing the competition, improving customer retention, and increasing revenue.

  • Identify Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities


    Speech analytics helps identify specific customer needs which helps companies identify and create relevant cross-sells and upsells.

  • Increase First-Call Resolution Rates


    Customers do not like it when agents transfer them to other queues or agents for call resolution. Speech analytics can help organizations create more profitable relationships with customers by solving their issues on the first providing a tremendous customer experience.

  • Sentiment Analysis


    Sentiment analysis is the study of the pitch and tone of the customer’s voice to uncover the emotions expressed during a call. Sentiment analysis helps organizations monitor brand and product reputation and better understand customer experiences.  Identifying key customer sentiment helps contact centers adjust messaging and ensure a positive customer experience for all interactions.


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