Which Call Center QA Data Evaluation Methods Should You Use During the Pandemic?

Quality assurance (QA) is the process organizations use to ensure excellent products and services.


Quality assurance (QA) is the process organizations use to ensure excellent products and services. A comprehensive QA data evaluation process highlights common issues and is imperative to exceptional customer service.

Unless your organization delivers unbeatable customer service, you’ll continuously observe high churn and low retention issues.

Your QA enables you to monitor performance and identify flaws easily. It should help you determine how happy your customers are, as well as how well or bad you are performing. This is essential if you want to deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

Let’s look at a few call center QA data evaluation methods.

1. Building Scorecards with Relevant Metrics

Scorecards are among the most efficient call center QA data evaluation methods. With a scorecard, you use a set of metrics to determine how an agent is performing.

All you need is to choose various metrics and score the agent’s performance based on those metrics. They simplify QA data evaluation and provide insights into interactions. You can utilize the scores to identify the agent’s strengths and weaknesses and areas that he or she needs to improve. The scores also help understand key areas where agents might need training.

2. Customer Surveys

How often do you conduct customer surveys? Surveys are essential evaluation tools, especially during the pandemic when customers are looking for maximum efficiency.

You should invite customers to take surveys on the quality of service they receive. This is a great way for customers to share their thoughts about your service provision and the entire organization. Through these surveys, you’ll also discover the areas that have left them unsatisfied.

3. Identifying and Measuring the Key Drivers of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

What makes customers highly satisfied or dissatisfied? Measuring customer satisfaction is a delicate process that involves various aspects that change over time. Customers may be satisfied one minute but not the next. Or they may become more satisfied even after starting at an indifferent position. As a result, it’s essential to continually measure the key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

You can measure customer satisfaction through social media, post-service surveys, and metrics, such as:

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Effort Score
  • Customer Satisfaction Score

These methods can help you understand areas that make customers happy or unhappy. With the right information, you can start optimizing your customer satisfaction.

4. Providing Training on Ongoing Projects

The majority of organizations provide training on one-off instances. However, this process is ineffective, especially with the increasingly competitive business environment because of the pandemic. Companies should provide agents with continuous training to ensure they can cope with the gradually changing environment.

5. Automation

Automating processes in the call center is a proper QA data evaluation strategy. Automation provides faster feedback and improves the team’s efficiency.

Quality assurance managers should integrate automated tools that provide real-time QA data evaluation. From the call center analytics software to the reporting dashboards, every essential component should have automation features. It helps teams to execute routine tasks at scale.

The Bottom Line

Call center QA data evaluation is a critical aspect of contact center management. The analyzed and evaluated data provides actionable insights into areas that need improvement. The data also help lower churn and increases customer retention.

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