Which Contact Center Analytics Solutions Should You Be Using for Your Business?

Call center analytics solutions help organizations to optimize their KPIs and achieve better results. These analytics solutions give companies a 360-degree view of the major KPIs and metrics.


Contact center analytics solutions are a great option to improve customer experience and achieve positive business outcomes. However, the majority of contact centers don’t implement the right analytics solutions. As a result, they must deal with poor customer experiences and high churn rates that, in turn, reduce revenue. Businesses should adopt various analytics solutions that can help create great customer experiences to avoid that.

Here are the top contact center analytics solutions that you should implement in your business:

Speech/Voice Analytics

Speech analytics helps contact center managers monitor calls in real time or review prerecorded transcripts. This software analyzes live conversations to extract meaningful data for business intelligence. The speech recognition software finds helpful information, audio patterns, and main keywords.

With speech analytics software, you can easily gain greater insights from what customers say about your brand. Modern speech analytics no longer transcribe phone calls but provide emotion recognition, keyword detection, etc. From the interactions, you can learn various things, such as customer preferences and desires.

Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment analytics solutions analyze conversations to uncover contexts behind each message, such as emotion, intent, and tone. They mine critical data from raw conversations using natural language processing and machine learning. Ideally, sentiment analytics solutions help organizations get behind customer’s words and dig valuable data from them.

This analysis provides customer service, marketing, and product development teams with a wealth of information about customer opinions. With this information, organizations can work toward improving customer experience and turning pain points into strengths.

Text Analytics

Text analytics solutions are similar to sentiment analytics. However, they analyze text conversations. Call centers use them to translate data from large volumes of unstructured text into measurable data for actionable insights. With a text analytics solution, you can analyze messages from various channels to find patterns and topics of interest.

With data from the text analytics software, you can detect product issues, monitor brand reputation, etc. The ability to analyze large data volumes helps resolve issues promptly.

Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics solutions are business intelligence (BI) tools that enable users to ask questions and generate rapid reports. These tools provide organizations with the ability to gain insights from their data seamlessly.

Users can explore and visualize available data with self-service analytics and generate meaningful efforts even with technical expertise. This helps organizations harness the power and value of their data faster and build a data-driven culture.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Cross-channel analytics solutions link different data sources and analyze them to provide the organization with customer and marketing intelligence. These solutions are beneficial for marketing teams as they help analyze customer behavior. With cross-channel analytics, you can understand the relationship between marketing channels and achieve more effective modeling capabilities.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics solutions look into the current and historical data to forecast future events. These solutions use machine learning, statistical algorithms, modeling techniques, and historical data to predict the future. With predictive intelligence, you can tweak certain call center tasks and processes to achieve your desired outcome.

The Bottom Line

All the above solutions are helpful for various reasons and can be great additions to your call center. Consider implementing the various contact center analytics solutions that align with your business needs to improve customer outcomes.

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