Elevate Contact Center Data Security in a Digital, Regulated Landscape 

Dive in and harness the true power of precision with robust Data Partition functionality.

Data partitions

In a post-pandemic world, enterprise leaders – from VPs of Experience to the C-suite visionaries – have faced tremendous transformation. And while remote, cloud-driven operations provide strategic advantages, data management persists as a critical solution area.

Consider “Agent Parker,” who is diligently managing a key customer’s requests from her cozy home nook. She is privy to her metrics and information. A layer above, “Supervisor Arkin” casts a wider net, overseeing data and performance matrices for all agents under his watch. Then, shift your gaze to “Director Dale” tasked with overseeing multiple business units while managing diverse client portfolios. Decentralization and holistic management are needed.

This complexity is not exclusive to BPOs who are known for managing complexities across their portfolios. Large enterprises face similar challenges. They must manage complex internal data dynamics while seamlessly integrating with their BPOs, who in turn are handling unique customer requirements, KPIs, and data sets. Think about aligning strategies for Customer X, while ensuring compliance for Customer Y, and delivering premium service for Customer Z.

Redefining Data

Data is not what it used to be. It has evolved from static information to a living, breathing entity. Both enterprises and BPOs need an orchestra conductor for their data – ensuring each data point is harmoniously integrated and impeccably orchestrated across the customer journey and their systems.

Navigating Regulations

Managing data is no longer just an IT task. It involves regional and industry regulations. From the stringent FedRAMP to GDPR, SOC2, and many more, trust is more than a virtue; it is an imperative for both enterprises and their BPO counterparts.

Partitions and Access

Data partitioning creates a framework for empowerment, clarity, and security. Whether an Agent, Supervisor, or Director, every role demands precision and protection. Data ensures each segment, each sector, and each stakeholder has its rightful place.

Technology and Trust

On one hand, there is the undeniable need for rigorous tech infrastructure, with robust data partitioning capabilities. On the other, it’s about fostering a culture of respect, responsibility, and restraint. It is about ensuring credibility at every layer, from granular data controls to ensuring full compliance with a plethora of regulations. But for the wider executive audience, it is also about understanding that with great data comes great responsibility. 

Master Your Data Symphony with SuccessKPI

SuccessKPI offers Data Partition as a feature to control data access to users based on certain job functions, department, business units, management unit, location, team, etc. In SuccessKPI settings, you can create and customize Data Partition to grant access to their own data within SuccessKPI analytics platform.

SuccessKPI Data Partitions

Here are a few examples of:

  • Agent: Agents can view their own metrics and statistics
  • Supervisor: Can access data and reports for their own agents
  • Manager: Limit access to Managers to grant access to reports and data to their own employees only
  • Director of a contact center: Can have access to their on Division, business unit or Queues

SuccessKPI’s Data Partition functionality is designed to simplify this complexity, empowering your organization with granular control over access for:

  • Agents
  • Queue
  • Skill
  • Team
  • Dialing Number (DNIS)
  • Division
  • Department
  • Business Unit
  • Management Unit
  • Ring Group
  • Contact Center Instance
  • Service
  • Campaign

The out-of-the-box functionality is robust. The user-friendly interface allows for simple configuration for your specific needs.

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