Introducing: Contact Center Builder

Contact Center Builder improves business outcomes through rapid deployment

Contact Center Builder

Building contact centers is obviously an intricate process, with an abundance of knowledge, time, and resources needed at every step.  

To even get started, businesses need the right technical AWS skills. That can mean spending more than six months training internal employees in these skills or spending more than $200K on professional service firms. 

This is especially challenging for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), who can be overshadowed by large enterprise customers also trying to work with professional services on the same goal. 

So—how can SMBs step out from the shadows and gain access to the tools and expertise needed to build their contact centers? 

Enter: Contact Center Builder 

What is Contact Center Builder? 

Created in tandem with fellow Amazon Connect partner ConnectGen, Contact Center Builder is an innovative solution that can accelerate small CCaaS deployments from months to days. 

To get started, follow the simple prompts within the setup wizard in your web browser. Then set up an interactive voice response system (IVR) and interactive virtual agent (IVA) chat bot for prompting callers and assessing intent. And voilà! You have a contact center. 

This solution includes the following features: 

  • Infrastructure Set Up: Create an on-demand Amazon Connect Instance with Amazon S3 Storage, Kinesis Stream, Kinesis Video Stream, Amazon Lex, DynamoDB, IAM roles, Encryption keys with Key Management System, AWS Lambda, and more than 20 AWS services 
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Direct calls to the right agent queue 
  • Well-defined Dashboards: Track calls and measure agent performance with more than 50 pre-built, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports 
  • Integrations: Connect your contact center to major customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as 
  • Voice Mail and Call Back Service: Configure voice mail for after hours and set up call back 
  • Configuration of Bots: Configure voice and chat bots with out-of-the-box intents for most common use cases 
  • Team View: Gain a holistic view of your contact center team 
  • Team Scorecard: Analyze your contact center’s performance 
  • Supervisor and Leadership View: Manage the high-level health of your SD and overall MTD metrics 
  • Leaderboards and Wallboards: View the performance of individual agents all in one place  
  • Agent Scorecard: Monitor a myriad of metrics such as adherence (including breaks adherence, call outs, exceeds break, out of adherence to schedule, etc.), Average Handle Time, Dropped Calls, Refused Calls, Number of Calls Handled, Quality Assurance Score, First Contact Resolution, and IO 
  • Business Intelligence Package: Unlock out-of-the-box integration 

SuccessKPI aims to make simple things easy and complex things possible—and that’s exactly what the goal is with Contact Center Builder. 

Who is using Contact Center Builder? 

Imagine running a non-profit organization with the need for a contact center, with all the intricacies of building one discussed earlier, and having to do so with volunteers.  

Sounds slightly challenging, right? 

This was very much the reality of one non-profit that turned to Contact Center Builder as a solution. This non-profit had no technical staff to develop a contact center to meet the needs of its 100+ centers throughout the United States and more than 100K members. 

However, Contact Center Builder helps this non-profit accomplish all the above with a minimum cost to operate. 

Why choose Contact Center Builder? 

Contact Center Builder helps improve business outcomes through rapid deployment and at minimum cost. It delivers on that by making what was once a complex setup now possible in minutes, democratizing access to sophisticated contact center technology. 

However, its use cases span business sizes and industries, including: 

  • Startups launching their business 
  • SMBs pursuing digital transformation with lean resources 
  • Large enterprises aiming to capitalize on market demand with swift product launches 
  • Organizations looking to test drive a cloud contact center at low cost 
  • Government or civil service organizations responding to emergencies or upcoming events 
  • Non-profit organizations to support their services without having technical staff to manage their contact centers 

Reach out to our team to learn how your business can get started with Contact Center Builder. 

And join us for the Live Launch Event on Wednesday, July 24th at noon EST. Watch SuccessKPI and ConnectGen set up a contact center with IVR, IVA, and ACD that connects to a CRM within minutes. Save your spot today: 

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