People Behind Customer Success: Zumra Thweatt

Creating customers for life is a core foundation at SuccessKPI and at the heart of this is a team of customer success professionals dedicated to solving customer problems and providing solutions every step of the way.

Creating customers for life is a core foundation at SuccessKPI and at the heart of this is a team of customer success professionals dedicated to solving customer problems and providing solutions every step of the way.

Meet Zumra Thweatt, Director of Customer Success, who brings over a decade of experience to lead this hard-working global team at SuccessKPI. Go behind the scenes to learn more about Zumra and what keeps the team so fired up for customer success.

Tell me about yourself including your journey at SuccessKPI.

I decided to join SuccessKPI because of the great people and customer-centric solutions. From leadership to my teammates, I could tell that SuccessKPI really cared for what it stands for: to build for and to connect with its customers. As the Director of Customer Success, my focus is to make sure that our clients are supported every single step of the way, from designing a successful roadmap to meeting business objectives and becoming an extension of the clients here at SuccessKPI.

What keeps you inspired?

My family keeps me inspired–as a mother, I want to set a good example for my daughters. After growing up in Bosnia and as a refugee in Germany, I came to the United States for college. It was scary to take such a big leap in life and enter an unknown chapter, but when you do the things that scare you it really pushes you to realize your full potential. I have found it important for me to be surrounded by people who share that same spirit of positivity and bravery. Working at SuccessKPI, I feel like these values are reflected in our culture. It’s a place where we are inspired to grow and to learn and are supported by amazing professionals, humans, and leaders who bring 120% of themselves every day. The result is an incredibly special working environment that feels like a warm hug.

What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing your path?

Customer Success is an excellent place for people who love to make a difference. If you are a changemaker and understand that no matter how small a task might appear, it carries a significant impact––then this is a role for you. My suggestion would be to connect with a good mentor. A good mentor can help you define your goals and help you on your journey to achieve them. I feel grateful to have found opportunities and worked with people that believed in my ability to succeed.

Customer Success touches every part of the organization, but the heart of the organization’s success lies with the customer’s experience. The type of person who will succeed in this role is someone who really cares about the customer: who wants to learn, who understands that each day will never be the same, and is ready to support the customer through and through. When I shut down my computer after a workday, I leave knowing that I made a difference no matter how small the achievement.

What makes SuccessKPI’s Customer Success program so unique?

At SuccessKPI we foster relationships with our customers for life. Each customer is paired with a dedicated customer success manager that works with stakeholders to design and create a roadmap to success. Each member of the team brings a diverse set of experiences in the field and ensures that each client is supported every step of the way from onboarding, and answering questions, to solving challenges. We are an extension of the client’s team at SuccessKPI, and we work to understand the business of our clients so well that we can advocate for and deliver the solutions needed for their success.

This is what makes SuccessKPI so unique: not only are we providing a powerful solution, but our team is also eliminating barriers and identifying opportunities for our customers every step of the way. A core value we uphold at SuccesssKPI is making simple things easy and complex things possible. Most of all, it is exciting to see firsthand when we make a difference for our customers and their customers. We are all on this journey together to transform CX.

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