Take your CX reports with you during your migration to cloud

There’s a way to reduce the upheaval of your cloud migration while at the same time increasing visibility and understanding of both your customer journey and your operations: take your reports and dashboards with you!

The value of cloud-based applications is well-known and understood: the ability to scale, no hardware to maintain, increased agility, better disaster recovery, and a pay-as-you-go pricing model. More recently, the power of AI and machine learning have improved both the breadth and depth of these applications, while microservices and cloud-native architecture dramatically improved resilience and global reach.

So yes, these reasons and more help explain why more than 90% of organizations already use some cloud applications. Yet, if you’re one of the organizations that have been reluctant to migrate your contact center technology, there’s no way you’re going to be able to turn off the existing solution one moment and turn up the new CCaaS solution the next. Frankly, the migration to the cloud could take weeks or even months – and during that time, business doesn’t stop. And the thought of turning everything upside down with unfamiliar tools and technologies makes the proposition seem daunting at best.

But there’s a way to reduce the upheaval while at the same time increasing visibility and understanding of both your customer journey and your operations: take your reports and dashboards with you!

Employee reviews reporting metrics on a laptop.

The lifeblood of every contact center

With your existing solution, your team has access to dashboards that are crucial to understanding how your agents and your centers are performing at any given point in time – and provide/offer real-time feedback on how any operational or process changes impact your service levels.

You also depend upon historical reports that offer perspective on the overall health of your contact center operations, customer satisfaction measurements, employee training needs, staffing fluctuations, and more. Together, they are at the core of your success. And often when you migrate to a new contact center application, they must be discarded for the reporting and dashboards that are part of the new solution set.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. As you transition to a cloud-based contact center application, you can keep those same reports and dashboards. Are you wondering how?

SuccessKPI has replicated the most popular reports from every leading contact center vendor including Avaya CMS reports, Genesys Interactive Insights (DataMart), Cisco Unified CCX, Twilio, and more. And each replica comes with the ability to both calculate and expose data in the same way, as well as display graphics matching the originals.

Make your reports better through the power of all-in-one

With SuccessKPI, your supervisors, executives, and operations leaders can confidently manage during the transition using the same data that’s displayed in familiar reports and dashboards. But there’s also an opportunity to expand and strengthen your reporting by adding additional data sources into your single view of operations – whether it’s from your ticketing, CRM, speech analytics, or contact center provider. If you’re not already including speech analytics, IVR, and voicebot interactions, ACD data, email and chat content, or other conversation sources, you’re leaving data behind that can be additive to what you already know about your customers, their journeys, and your operations. And together they can provide a “single source of truth” and more informed actionable insights.

So as you map your path to cloud-based CX solutions, take comfort in knowing you can take your reports with you. For a complimentary cloud roadmap consultation, contact us.

About the Author

Maddie Rennyson is an Associate Solutions Consultant at SuccessKPI. Prior to this role, she was an Associate Analytics Consultant responsible for working closely with clients to identify impactful dashboards and KPIs for business insights. A graduate of the University of Virginia and a former athlete on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams, Maddie brings both energy and a results-focused mindset to her work with clients.