What is Contact Center Intelligence?

Contact center intelligence (CCI) is a solution that enables organizations to take advantage of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to boost the customer experience. Contact Center Intelligence solutions for self service, live-call analytics & agent assist, and post-call improve the customer experience and accelerate operational efficiencies.  AI and ML power chatbots, text-to-speech, language comprehension, translation, enterprise search, and business intelligence in call centers.

Benefits of Contact Center Intelligence

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction


    Contact center intelligence powers self-serve customer-service platforms, such as dynamic FAQ bots and chatbots. Self-serve bots help customers access services from anywhere without talking to an agent. The bots learn on the job and improve their answers for customers’ questions over time. Customers can find accurate answers to their queries in a matter of seconds.

  • Simplify Quality Management


    By using speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities, contact centers can analyze interactions at a much deeper layer. As a result, they gain quality management insights that inform decision-making and drive profitability. For example, organizations can identify the type of interactions that generate positive sentiments from customers and gain insights about improving the quality of their products and services.

  • Improve Employee Satisfaction


    The use of bots in call centers allows agents to focus on solving more complex customer issues, especially those that require empathy. Essentially, bots help reduce the workload and improve the working conditions of employees.

  • Reduce Operational Costs


    Automating customer service with bots helps reduce the number of agents needed to serve customers. As a result, operating costs go down. Organizations are also able to retain employees for longer because of the improved working environment. Attrition rates, hiring costs, and training costs go down as well.


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