What Is Customer Service Experience?

Customer service experience refers to customers' overall experience during their interactions with an organization’s support, sales, and service teams. Whether by phone or social media, or in-store or in-person, customers' interactions can add to or take away from their experience. 

Whether a customer is satisfied and returns several times or walks away largely depends on customer service experience. More than 33.7 percent of customers tell family and friends about their experiences dealing with an organization. 

Great Customer Service Experience Is a Growing Customer Expectation

Today, the average customer is very savvy. The reason for this is the sheer number of options they have and the power of the Internet. For this reason, customers demand an outstanding customer experience. According to State of the Connected Consumer Report (2018), 73 percent of customers expect organizations to know what they need or want. Worse yet, they’re far less patient with what they feel is lackluster or poor customer experience. 

The Ingredients of Great Customer Service Experience

Here’s a breakdown of what customers expect from organizations: 

  • Easy access to services
  • Speedy response to customer queries
  • Efficient resolution of issues
  • Effective resolutions to issues
  • Friendly agents, both bots and humans
  • Friendly use interface
  • Post-service follow-up and feedback

Four Key Benefits of Customer Service Experience

Here are four reasons organizations should invest in improving customer service experience:

  1. Building customer trust and fostering long-lasting relationships
  2. Turning customers into loyal advocates
  3. Building a strong brand differentiator
  4. Coming up with better services and products 


The modern-day organization’s first point of contact with the customer is the contact center. SuccessKPI Contact Center Analytics gives organizations visibility across channels to help improve customer service experience. 

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