What Is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the automation of the process of listening to customer interactions. Speech analytics software can detect themes, sentiments, reasons for a call, identify products, and customer satisfaction from call recordings and/or media streams in real-time.  

 How Is Speech Analytics Used?

Businesses use speech analytics during customer interactions to collect data. This data includes the reason for the call, the caller’s mood, and the products mentioned. When used effectively, speech analytics can accurately determine customers’ expectations, needs, and wants. Organizations utilize this data to identify customer issues, highlight areas that need improvement, and improve the customer experience.

Benefits of Speech Analytics

  1. 360-Degree Visibility into All Conversations


    Speech analytics helps call center management intelligently analyze historical and real-time calls to evaluate customer experiences and identify agent coaching opportunities. Organizations also mitigate risk by identifying compliance issues before they escalate.

  2. Effective and Efficient Quality Management


    Organizations can save enormous amounts of time and effort by prioritizing the right interactions for assessment. By highlighting key moments in each conversation, it becomes easier to identify areas where agents can improve.

  3. Encourage Customer-Focused Decision-Making


    Speech analytics makes it easier to collect impactful insights that empower sales and marketing teams. By leveraging these deeper insights, organizations can make informed decisions to provide the best customer experience during interactions with self-help applications or direct communications with an agent.

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