What Is Voice Analytics?

Voice analytics is the use of speech recognition tools to record and analyze conversations. Voice analytics tools translate speech to text and identify speaker emotion and intent. 

Voice analytics first emerged in the early 2000s. This discipline has since grown in importance, with more and more enterprises investing in voice analytics technology to better improve customer experience and to understand what is happening in their contact center.

Importance of Voice Analytics

Voice analytics brings enormous benefits to the modern-day enterprise across dozens of industries from insurance and financial services to health care and technology. Voice analytics software helps generate insights about customer experience and to develop strategies to better serve customer needs.     

Voice analytics tools help organizations process and analyze enormous volumes of customer conversation data. By using this data, companies can identify important information and trends that could easily be overlooked without a system that works at scale.

Benefits of Voice Analytics

Voice analytics can help with customer service and client call center management by identifying the following insights:

  1. Customer Satisfaction


    With the help of a voice analytics tool, you can identify recurring themes, hot topics, and trends that can help pinpoint customer satisfaction levels.

  2. Competitive Intelligence


    You can gather competitive intelligence from conversations with your customers. Voice analytics identifies the features or issues which are frequently raised by those contacting your firm and especially those mentioned by your competitors.

  3. Identify Underperforming Agents


    Voice analytics can help you quickly identify underperforming customer service agents on your team. This can help you coach and improve team performance. As a result, you’ll increase overall customer satisfaction.

  4. Identify Messaging That Walks


    A voice analytics tool can help customer service agents identify the best messaging and composition techniques which lead to the most optimal outcomes. Doing focusing on the words that work, your team can yield improved service and sales performance and to produce higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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