Real-time Agent Empower

Real-time Agent Empower

A Coach on Every Call

SuccessKPI’s AI-powered platform empowers agents with real-time coaching and guidance and enables the automation of time-consuming tasks and critical actions. Integrated into top CCaaS platforms for a unified view, it can be activated in minutes so you can equip your team–from the agent and supervisor to the CEO–with insights and actions needed to provide a great customer experience.

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For Agents

Empower agents with automated support on every call to create a great customer experience.

Real-time Coaching & Guidance

Provide real-time coaching and context-driven guidance from pre-built scripts, FAQs, and knowledge base

Sentiment-based Alerts

Track customer and agent sentiment and cadence to trigger alerts and suggestions during a live call

Optimized Operations

Automated Call Summary

Streamline wrap-ups and save time with pre-populated call summary hints at the end of every conversation

For Supervisors

Scale your best practices across your enterprise contact center in a single click.

Simple Set-up

Manage hierarchical multistep guidance scripts in a few clicks–no coding required

Fast Deployment

Make real-time changes that are activated on the next call, and scale updates across your business in minutes

Agent Insights

Understand which guidance effectively drives better agent performance

For Business Leaders

Equip your team to drive powerful outcomes.

Faster onboarding and ramp-time

Increase first contact resolution (FCR)

Decrease average handle time (AHT) and repetitive manual tasks

Decrease operational costs by leveraging insights

Increase agent retention and job satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

“Bringing SuccessKPI on board was one of the easiest implementations I have experienced. On day 1, we were able to start listening and scoring calls. It was as if someone turned the data lights on for Edcor.” — Terry Lang, Director of CX at Edcor


“At Maximus, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve the Citizen Journey and contact center experience. SuccessKPI allowed us to deliver increased capacity, automated quality review, and agent compliance and performance improvements for government agencies.”


Automatic PII Redactions, Built-in Risk-Mitigation Features


Third party certified PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD compliant


100% Uptime


Set-up in minutes


1000, 10,000 or 100,000+ agents

More About SuccessKPI

Unify all your data for a 360-degree view in minutes

Gain a full view of multiple customer touchpoints, including real-time and historical contact center data.

Analyze 100% of customer conversations

Decode and visualize what’s happening in your customer conversations, powered by AI/ML engines

Automate actions to improve business outcomes

Build automated plays for critical action, including redacting personally identifiable information (PII) from transcripts and transaction records in real-time.

Take agent performance to the next level

Score 100% of customer calls, deliver feedback with real-time coaching, and automate quality monitoring

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