Call center analytics

Smash down those data silos and unlock your 360° view.

SuccessKPI provides a superframework of CX data combined with an enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence layer — in one place.

contact center intelligence

Visibility across all channels: IVR, voice, chat, social, email.

Your contact center serves multiple channels - with SuccessKPI, your analytics and action platform will too.

Emails, chats, text messages, and voice conversations blend into one environment. Create dashboards and visualizations that show the full spectrum of your customer conversations, wherever they occurred.

You’ll have a 360º view of the whole business at once — across all channels, agents, interactions and regions.

contact center intelligence

Suitable for any contact center size: startup to enterprise

Whether you have 50, 500, or 5,000 agents, our secure, serverless architecture scales to your needs.

Simple things easy

Setup is a breeze for smaller contact centers: no IT administrator needed. Use our out-of-the-box dashboards and visualizations to get to get quick value.

Complex things possible

Custom roles, reports, integrations, and visualizations designed to meet the diverse needs of the most demanding large enterprise clients.

Measure and monitor your KPI’s

Common call center metrics such as AHT, AWT, Hold Time, agent utilization, and other common metrics come working and pre-defined out of the box. We also provide additional important metrics such as top topics, sentiment, and IVR automation rate.


Realtime & historical data

You'll never have to contend with two answers for the same data element again. Our unified data warehouse and business intelligence layer allow you to cover realtime and historical domains using a common data set.

Our historical data can run on both standard and custom intervals. Set historical and realtime reports to default to time periods that are natural to your environment. Configure your own realtime refresh rates and make decisions on the fly.

Our heavy duty system allows processing of millions of calls — and your graphs will compile and run quickly to give you the answers you need now to manage your operations.


Out-of-the-box analytics tools



SuccessKPI comes pre-loaded with 50+ pre-built dashboards and visualizations designed to meet common contact center needs. Use these as benchmark reports or as a starting place to customize colors, brands, metrics, and visualizations.

Common call center metrics

  • IVR Duration
  • Interaction Duration
  • Containment Level
  • Service Level
  • Talk Time
  • Wait Time
  • Hold Time
  • Handle Time


Many categories of reports, including ACD, IVR, Evaluations, Speech, and Dashboards. Use these as-is, or customize them further.

Key Questions

12 pre-loaded visualization sets that represent the most important areas of contact center business and operations. Customize your Key Questions in minutes.


Need more power? Create custom dashboards for any metric or group of metrics

Feeling creative? Our customization layer is wide open to your imagination:

  • Create a cutover from an existing platform and mimic historical reports
  • Develop custom metrics and derived metrics to meet specific regulations
  • Build a specialty visualization to tackle a new business initiative
  • Import data from third party sources such as Twitter, Salesforce, or Service Now

Engage your team with email subscriptions

  • Set reminders to look at important data
  • Nudge that data adverse guy on your team
  • Share out information to the organization on a regular basis

Enterprise grade data warehouse and BI layer

Our architecture, data warehouse, and business intelligence layer are extremely flexible. You have unlimited access.

We guide, but also let you explore your own problems, devise solutions and take action to improve operational performance. Go forth to meet any diverse and complex needs you have in your whole organization — from agents and supervisors through to digital transformation teams and C level executives.

Integrate immediately with Genesys Cloud or Amazon Connect

If you are a Genesys Cloud or Amazon Connect customer, SuccessKPI plugs right in. Configure your system quickly and get started with a rich set of data and out of box reports and dashboards.

Don’t have Genesys Cloud or Amazon Connect? Contact us to see how we can connect your system to use SuccessKPI.