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Article The Power of Cloud Toolsets for Financial Institutions

From increasingly complex technology to resource constraints––a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SuccessKPI indicated that only 1 in 3 contact center operators were completely satisfied with their ability to drive better business outcomes.  

Edcor_featured Success Story Edcor Achieves Enterprise-Grade Analytics in Less Than 40-Hours

Including custom reporting, real-time and historical analytics, custom QM scorecards, and a robust AI/ML-based speech and text analytics program.

Article How Travel & Hospitality Can Calm the Turbulence Within Customer Experience

Here are a few ways AI can help – even with all those macro forces swirling around.

Article People Behind Customer Success: Zumra Thweatt

Creating customers for life is a core foundation at SuccessKPI and at the heart of this is a team of customer success professionals dedicated to solving customer problems and providing solutions every step of the way.

Article 3 Ways to Automate for a Better Patient Experience

Here are three ways healthcare and health tech organizations can leverage automation for a better patient experience throughout the experience journey.

Success Story Banner Health Achieves Migration Success

SuccessKPI fills critical gaps during migration, leading to a successful cloud deployment.

Article Unlocking a Successful Patient Experience 

See how healthcare and health tech organizations can unlock the full potential of cloud contact centers, leverage automation for a better patient experience, and drive and retain member satisfaction.

Article Rising Government Call Center Satisfaction

In 2022, the government’s global contact center satisfaction index reached its peak since 2013, while in contrast, the private sector witnessed a decline.  

Article Cloud Tools Essential for Cloud Contact Center Success

Only 25 percent of all CCaaS operators surveyed are content with the performance of their contact centers. That is because some vital needs get lost in the inexorable transition from legacy to more complex cloud contact centers. But all is not lost.

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