Automated AI based Quality Management

Throw out labor intensive manual monitoring

Quality Management

Throw out labor intensive manual monitoring

Agent quality monitoring and analysis is one of the most critical day-to-day tasks in the contact center. Leave the grind to SuccessKPI.


SuccessKPI is your QM work horse


Streamline your QM system

Automate QM tasks with Playbooks

Tell SuccessKPI which critical topics, themes, and sentiment to listen for, then either define conditions to escalate (via email, SMS, or posting to your CRM), or to send them to the evaluation workspace for your team to review.

Set evaluation standards

Use the out-of-the-box evaluation forms, or use the SuccessKPI form building tool to customize or develop your own evaluation criteria for calls. Include any type of questions, from Yes/No or Number Scale, to Multiple choice or free form questions.

Review interactions

Search calls yourself by agent, topic, date range, call queue, and sentiment or move them to the evaluation workspace.


Do (or don’t do) your evaluations

Listen to calls, view transcripts of calls and text interactions


The evaluation workspace is your conversation Inbox. Search by date, time, or call queue. Select and listen to conversations: see where key topics arise and read transcripts.

Evaluate the success of your IVR or chatbot

Analyze all conversations, whether human or machine, to see what’s working or where there are problems.


Within the evaluation workspace, score calls manually as you review them. Or, get the machine do it for you: Build Playbooks and let SuccessKPI’s algorithms score calls to give you a headstart on your evaluations or simply do the work for you.


Empower your workforce

Share feedback for coaching and training

Share evaluation scores with agents within SuccessKPI, or by email.

Put it back into the data flow

Combine and compare supervisor vs. machine learning scores, and correlate feedback with the data from the contact center and the speech and text analytics data layer. This becomes a continuous feedback loop with an all-points comprehensive view of your contact center performance.

Empower and inspire your agents

  • Encourage them to earn performance incentives
  • Give them the sense of success on the job
  • Enable a sense of purpose, power and personal growth