Automate actions

Transform your business outcomes with Playbooks.

Take the next leap forward: set automated realtime action on your data. Turn conversations into actions that drive business results.


Playbook Builder™ elements

Combine these elements to build plays for action on your conversations in realtime, when specific circumstances occur in your call center:


1. Topics

Topics are collections of keywords and phrases relevant to your customer experience strategy. Topics can represent concepts like “politeness” or “ownership” — or key business elements like product names and store locations. Within topics, you assign all the keywords that occur in conversations related to the topics.

2. Themes

Themes are score-weighted collections of Topics, and you build them into more complex concepts. For example, a theme like Positive Agent Behavior could be built from the Topics “Politeness,” “Proactive Language,” and “Agent Compliments.”


3. Actions

  • Send email and SMS message alerts and notifications
  • Invoke an AWS Lambda function: for example, run a fraud routine
  • Push data to a REST function, such as opening a case in Salesforce
  • Send a conversation to the evaluation workspace

4. Redactions

Redactions represent keywords that you don’t want transcribed or stored for business purposes— for instance, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as credit card, social security, or telephone numbers.

5. Custom phrases

In many cases, certain keywords such as brand names or proper names are misunderstood by the speech engines. Custom phrases allow you to take certain homonyms, synonyms, and proper names and ensure they are pronounced correctly by the system based on your business requirements.

6. Sentiment

Sentiment can be positive, negative, or neutral and can be based on the agent, the customer, or the entire channel.


Use Playbooks to achieve key business outcomes


Operational efficiency

Pinpoint how your organization can reduce the time it takes to meet customer needs. Gain understanding of what triggers customers to initiate interactions and feed this knowledge back into your business processes to decrease operational costs. Find out why they opt out of automation and how IVR and chatbot failures drive additional conversations.


Automate oversight/QA

Oversee all interactions, identify high risk areas, and apply manual oversight to specially targeted areas for improvement. You no longer have to comb through all calls: just listen to the important ones. Derive understanding and patterns, then create Playbooks 
to scale up your QA function without adding more team members.


Agent turnover rate

Call center resource turnover is a costly problem, with recruiting fees, training, and upskilling. Discover conditions that cause agents to leave, and provide proactive support and targeted training to improve agent retention.



Increase scrutiny on active risk monitoring. Monitor how well you meet regulatory requirements for customer interactions, and how well your team identifies, monitors, and manages poor vs. successful customer outcomes.


Undue agent pressure

Monitor the pressure agents place on customers during sales interactions, 
and proactively identify, monitor and manage risk of negative customer outcomes.


Vulnerable customers

Identify early signs of customer vulnerability and take steps to support those customers throughout their interactions with the organization. Correlate sentiment with customer retention down the road using our enterprise BI layer.


Misconduct & harassment

Apply automation to identify, capture, and prevent claims deception. Remove the manual work and time it takes to research real vs. fraudulent or deceptive claims.


Claims processing

Reduce the time it takes for claims processing in an insurance setting. Determine where time is lost and which areas can be automated. Put this information into action to reduce claims indemnity and operating expense spend.

Apply these plays to your call center. 8 sample Playbooks for automating action:


Look for risky trades in your call center, and send text message alerts and notifications to staff members so they can respond quickly.


Invoke an AWS Lambda function to run a fraud routine if the fraud theme is detected.


Push data to a REST function to open a case in Salesforce when the churn theme is detected.


Send conversations to the evaluation workspace when Positive Agent Behavior theme scores are low


Drive agent self-discovery on customer sentiment by alerting agents on negative or positive sentiment of calls that day.


Assist sales conversion rates. Decode conversations that resulted in the sale…Discover which keywords are most frequently used.


Develop a complex understanding of the actual automation rates of your voicebot, chatbot, or IVR and connect success rates to customer sentiment.


Ensure compliance with regulatory demands on collections calls such as mini-miranda script compliance on a per call basis.