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Speech & Text Analytics

AI-Powered Analysis

Get real-time insight from every customer interaction and deliver better experiences.

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Analyze 100% of Conversations

AI and ML engines analyze millions of interactions across all channels while it all comes together in one secure platform to surface critical trends and patterns.

Decode Conversations with +90% Accuracy

Powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and high-accuracy transcription engine enable you to detect sentiment, topics, moments, themes, and custom phrases across all customer channels and agent interactions in 40+ languages.

Unlock 100% Visibility in Real-Time

Understand beyond what was said. Sentiment analysis deepens insight into how customers feel in real-time, decoding agent calls, chatbot interactions, IVR’s, and more. With SuccessKPI, you can spot keywords, correlate themes, and understand sentiment at the conversation, brand, and entity level.

360-Degree View of the Brand

Blend advanced conversation analytics with your historical and real-time contact center data including ACD, Agent and WFM, to evaluate customer experiences and identify opportunities to improve customer touchpoints and agent guidance.

Enterprise-Grade Insights in Minutes

Get started quickly with dozens of pre-loaded call center topics including politeness, Mini-Miranda, and ownership. Evolve and scale by building, combining, and weighing any topics from as many keywords while ML engines identify new words and key phrases to correlate with your logic.

Don’t just observe. Automate action.

Simple things easy

Put your insight to work with SuccessKPI’s Playbook Builder™ automation engine. Automate timely action based on the customer’s sentiment, intent, information, and behavior–from alerting supervisors, creating cases, and to sending real-time guidance to agents. Designed for busy business users, automation is simple to launch, manage, and scale up.

Complex things possible

Bring your data together in SuccessKPI’s secure, cloud-native enterprise data warehouse. Speech and text analytics data is flexibly integrated with data from the customer journey so that you can truly achieve a 360-degree view–from your contact center to CRM and hundreds of complex operational and business support systems.

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