Next-Generation Patient Experience

Next-Generation Patient Experience

Transform patient care, deliver thoughtful service, and empower your care teams with SuccessKPI’s revolutionary insight and action platform.

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See how healthcare providers and payers are transforming patient experience with SuccessKPI

Full Journey Visibility

Get a complete view of a patient’s journey by unifying EHR data, real-time and historic contact center data, and interactions from communication channels including SMS, email, and virtual assistants.

Improved Patient Experience

Gain insight into the patient experience by decoding and visualizing conversations, powered by AI/ML engines, supported by 90+% accurate transcription, and keyword spotting in 40+ languages.

Empower Your Care Team

Create a seamless patient and member experience across all channels by providing agents with a view of every interaction coupled with real-time guidance and coaching.

Ensure Compliance & Patient Privacy

Take advantage of top security features including automatic PII redactions on a platform with multiple third-party certifications, including Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  (HIPAA), GDPR, SOC2, and more.

Increase Patient Loyalty

Deepen your understanding of patient experiences and increase loyalty with sentiment analytics combined with automated actions. Identify problems and trigger automated responses before issues escalate.

Take Action & Produce Measurable Results

By automating critical business actions and multistep script guidance for agents, provide a seamless experience that prevents both member and agent churn.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Sean Bohl, Banner Health

“As part of our migration, SuccessKPI was able to replicate our prior Genesys Engage reporting environment in our new Genesys Cloud platform with the same look and feel, and enhance it with customized reporting with clearly defined KPIs. The SuccessKPI development team was organized, prioritized our requests appropriately, and delivered results on time. We even partnered on a unique report capability that SuccessKPI built into their roadmap.” – Sean Bohl, Sr. Director of Customer Experience Channels, Banner Health

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Automatic PII Redactions, Built-in Risk-Mitigation Features


Third party certified FedRAMP, PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD compliant


100% Uptime


Set-up in minutes


1000, 10,000 or 100,000+ agents

More About SuccessKPI

Unify all your data for a 360-degree view in minutes

Gain a full view of multiple customer touchpoints, including real-time and historical contact center data.

Analyze 100% of customer conversations

Decode and visualize what’s happening in your customer conversations, powered by AI/ML engines

Automate actions to improve business outcomes

Build automated plays for critical action, including redacting personally identifiable information (PII) from transcripts and transaction records in real-time.

Take agent performance to the next level

Score 100% of customer calls, deliver feedback with real-time coaching, and automate quality monitoring

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