SuccessKPI + AWS

Optimize CX with Amazon Connect

Transform your customer experience with advanced AI-powered analytics and conversation intelligence. Improve customer satisfaction with an easy, simple integration.


Simply More Insights with Amazon Connect

Making data-driven decisions in the cloud just got easier. With SuccessKPI, you’ll create immediate value for your business and improve customer satisfaction with our Amazon Connect analytics solutions, powered by AWS. Simply click, configure, and improve.

Instant Insights

Activate SuccessKPI with Amazon Connect instantly, and accelerate your transition from on-premise to the cloud.

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Advanced AI, Out-Of-The-Box

Leverage pre-built, fully integrated AI and Machine Learning capabilities from a simple integration. Blend customer data and sentiment to create a personalized experience for your customers and empower agents.

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Deploy and Manage in the Cloud

Buying software should be easy. You can procure, deploy, and manage your SuccessKPI services in the cloud. The way it should it be done.

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Bringing SuccessKPI on board was one of the easiest implementations I have experienced. On day 1, we were able to start listening and scoring calls. It was as if someone turned the data lights on for Edcor. — Terry Lang, Director of CX at Edcor


Automatic PII Redactions, Built-in Risk-Mitigation Features


Third party certified PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD compliant


100% Uptime


Set-up in minutes


1000, 10,000 or 100,000+ agents
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