SuccessKPI + Zoom

Unified Data & Reporting for Zoom

Supercharge your contact center insights with enterprise level reporting out-of-the-box for Zoom Contact Center, Phone, and Meetings.


Immediate Access to Insights

Access 20+ prebuilt reports and dashboards right away to analyze customer interactions across multiple channels. Fast access to insights and custom reporting made simple to quickly add context and relevance to your reporting by leveraging analytics that reveal omnichannel customer interactions.

Remove silos with unified data

SuccessKPI’s AI-powered business intelligence framework brings enterprise analytics capabilities with a UI designed for business users. Unify data, remove complexity, and reveal the context needed to improve customer experience. 

Powerful insights and custom reporting made simple

Get data flowing in minutes to your pre-built Zoom reports with simple data pipes setup. Data pipes enable historical and real time data to start flowing immediately. Plus with 180+ third party data connectors available you can get a full view of the customer journey.


Trusted security and controls

SuccessKPI complies with the most rigorous industry security standards. Role-based access and data partitions give control over who has access to specific datasets.  

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Deploy and manage in the cloud

As a preferred Zoom Contact Center solution partner, deployment and procurement with Zoom is easy. Manage SuccessKPI solutions and scale quickly to improve agent experience.

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