SuccessKPI Announces a Strategic Growth Investment

Following 10x revenue growth, SuccessKPI Announces Strategic Growth Investment of $33MM by Banneker Partners.

Fairfax County, VA February 28,2023

Strategic Investment to fuel global expansion

I’m proud to share our announcement of a $33 million strategic investment from Banneker Partners. This investment is testament to the amazing results our customers are achieving, the incredible work of our team and the rich collaboration of our technology and delivery partners.

We are motivated by you, our customer and partner community, to deliver the best possible outcomes through innovative solutions and incredible technology.

Our beginnings

At a holiday party years ago with my former colleagues, one of them asked me, “Dave, when are we going back to Narnia?” He was speaking of a culture we led where we used to thrive together and were free to invent, create and build wonderful things.

We knew that digital transformation was inevitable for contact centers. With decades of exposure to unsolved problems in the contact center, we knew transformation was not just smart, but inevitable. Experiences need to run more smoothly, with pure SaaS and customer experience written at the core. And on top of that, employee experiences need to be a core focus with a purpose built culture ready to make truly transformational things happen.

So we founded SuccessKPI—to improve contact center outcomes from the agent to the CEO. We set out to build a company where we would create something amazing for our customers AND for our employees.

Catapulted forward by the pandemic

Faced with a rapidly changing world, the global pandemic forced contact centers to go remote, embracing digital transformation at a blistering pace. Businesses were forced to go digital in ways some had yet to contemplate.

Here we were (remotely, all over the world), quietly and humbly deploying the next generation of contact center technology. And we were ready.

All of our BPO customers including some who serve the federal government were in a position of tremendous transformation and change across their clients. As we had already been working with them, so each saw the power of SuccessKPI from the start. By 2021, we were helping 1,000, 10,000, and even 20,000 seat deployments stand up within weeks. These projects illuminated just how much opportunity exists in leveraging data across systems. Some required ingesting data from Amazon, Genesys, Twilio, Microsoft, Salesforce, Workday, Survey Dynamics and dozens of other data sets. All of this focused on bringing the power of insight and action to our enterprise clients.

See the CDC Story featured by Swami Sivasubramanian, VP data, analytics and machine learning at AWS in his Keynote at Amazon Re:Invent.

Our mission

We are customer obsessed with the goal of making Customer Experience management easier. Our mission is to make it easy to transform customer experiences and to drive insight, collaboration, and action that ultimately bring better outcomes in your organization from the front-line agent through to the CEO.

We are backed by an incredible team of experts. We’ve assembled a strategic team of trusted colleagues and experts from across big tech. Our team is packed with humble, hard-working problem solvers who share a passion for experience. We have a bond. Many of us have worked together before which gives us a common language and a way to put in place a culture of achievement and excellence.

Our values

We are problem solvers who are inspired by making things simpler for our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

We are innovators with creativity and passion for dreaming up new and better ways. We embody grit and we love a challenge.

We are dreamers that remain firmly grounded by an action focus that brings dreams and vision to reality.

We are real humans who care about ourselves, each other, and you, while we obsess over AI, CX and success. We are built around trust, transparency and inclusiveness.

Does this sound like you? Join the team.

Our technology approach…

When I published the Art of SaaS in 2015 with my colleague Ahmed Bouzid, I knew “cloud based” was the way forward. We have now moved to the next wave of the “Art of remote working, serverless SaaS,” where the ability to scale and flex on-demand with our customers and our teams gives us limitless capability. Our systems are all SaaS and our processes designed to work remotely. We can grow without the limits of physical infrastructure, buildings, real estate, or data centers. And we can imagine a platform and company without physical limits.

We are built on a powerful foundation of more than 40 Amazon technologies, we are serverless to the core, and we are capable of billions of minutes of traffic, and 1000s of customers without data centers, office buildings or hardware.

This market is massive and there is a lot of opportunity and magic that can happen. We are limited only by our imagination and the power of our global team.

Leveraging this investment to serve our customers

It’s all about our customers. Backed with an amazing core team, we’ve been able to rapidly and organically grow our customer base. We’re ready to keep the momentum.

Banneker Partners is a natural cultural fit for us. We share an obsession with company culture, diversity and inclusion, and building with global scale from the start. We believe these are all crucial components of future successful enterprises.

With this investment, we are focused on fueling our organic growth with expansion of our team, accelerating product development, and investing in our world-class customer success function.


Our focus is our customers, partners, and community. We look forward to continuing to serve you and thank you for being a part of this amazing journey so far.

“This event series further delivers on SuccessKPI’s mission to provide insight, collaboration, and actionable solutions for our customers, partners, and community”

Dave Rennyson, CEO of SuccessKPI
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