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SuccessKPI Unveils GenAI Portfolio & Roadmap

New advances in artificial intelligence drive the field of customer experience and employee optimization to the next level

Fairfax County, VA December 19,2023

SuccessKPI Inc., an enterprise AI Analytics & Automation company, has unveiled its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities portfolio and AI roadmap for future development. Its newest additions are AI Scoring based on generative AI large language models and AI-based traffic forecasting designed to drive the field of customer experience and employee optimization to the next level.

These new capabilities, or use cases, build on a current feature set that already includes topic and sentiment detection using AI/ML to find key moments and sentiments in the user’s choice of language and communications channels, intent phrase recommendations and the AI powered “reason detection” for customer conversations. The AI platform summarizes conversations automatically to drive agent efficiency in documenting customer contacts.

“SuccessKPI has built an ambitious and achievable roadmap for our AI portfolio that will expand as the underlying technology advances in exciting new directions, Whether the goal is to raise agent performance, improve the customer experience (CX), or streamline CX costs, we will design and deploy AI responsibly so operators, agents and their customers all benefit while keeping consumer data safe and secure.”

Dave Rennyson, CEO of SuccessKPI
  • AI Scoring – 100% of customer calls are scored with this use case. The AI/ML technology predicts the outcome of each question a customer asks, enabling supervisors to move faster and more accurately toward evaluating agent calls and provide feedback and coaching inputs. This clearly improves the customer experience by helping agents improve through guided coaching and training. It also helps identify any regulatory and compliance gaps that may arise during conversations and provide agent coaching after the fact or in the moment.
  • AI Traffic Forecasting – This capability predicts customer interaction volume and staffing needed, factoring in the contact center operator’s desired service levels, shrinkage, occupancy target and staffing characteristics using AI/ML forecasting algorithms. Schedules are then generated from staffing forecasts that account for experience, availability and working hour preferences of individual agents.

“SuccessKPI was able to offer us the machine learning and the AI technology that it takes to audit 100% of calls.”

Sara Connolly of BYL Companies, a SuccessKPI customer

Together, along with the roadmap for 2024, these AI-powered features make SuccessKPI an early leader in applying artificial intelligence to contact center performance optimization and cloud migration.

In the coming months, SuccessKPI plans to introduce a full range of generative AI capabilities that will help diagnose true customer intentions behind the topics and words they use as well as intelligently recap customer interactions to streamline contact center agent work and increase productivity.

Generative AI can be a powerful accelerant to human work. According to McKinsey, GenAI can increase worker productivity up to 45% in customer care functions.

However, there are risks associated with GenAI – as exposed by a number of leading university researchers – if not properly managed. That is why SuccessKPI applies stringent parameters and protocols to safeguard consumer and business data and introduces new AI-powered functionality only after exhaustive testing, data control mapping, PII controls and a successful proof of concept exercises with third party validation.

SuccessKPI is built for long term growth with a serverless architecture powered by more than 40 Amazon Web Service Platform as a Service components. In addition to its native data elements, SuccessKPI offers more than a dozen “no code” CCaaS and CRM adaptors, hundreds of out of the box system connectors, and the power of data pipe configuration wizards for additional integrations required to assemble a complete picture of the enterprise customer experience.

SuccessKPI is compatible with an industry-leading portfolio of partners including top CCaaS providers such as Genesys, Zoom, Amazon Connect, Five9, TalkDesk, and more. Frost & Sullivan recently named SuccessKPI a leader in their Workforce Optimization Radar™, noting the comprehensive partner ecosystem and secure operating model.

“SuccessKPI is noted for accelerating adoption of its innovative solution, and its well-established partner ecosystem that comprehensively covers the global CCaaS market.”

Ankita Singh, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

SuccessKPI plans to release many more AI capabilities and use cases over the next several quarters. This expanding spectrum of AI and generative AI capabilities will increasingly help enterprise and government clients to capture and understand the true nature of customer sentiment and intent behind the topics, conversations, and words they use. SuccessKPI is also developing proactive analytics and more interactive ways to gain insight and take action directly from analytics dashboards. The firm continues to invest heavily in its platform, particularly in its growing AI Capabilities portfolio to bring unprecedented value to its customers in the field of customer experience, agent empowerment and process automation.

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