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SuccessKPI Wins American Business Award® for Achievement in Product Innovation for AI-Powered Quality Management Scoring Solution

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va May 15,2024
The American Business Awards

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va., May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SuccessKPI, Inc., a cloud-native, contact center customer experience platform provider and a leader of the current, 2023 Frost & Sullivan Workforce Optimization (WFO) Radar report, has won a 2024 American Business Award for Achievement in Product Innovation specifically for its AI-powered Quality Management (QM) Scoring solution.

Success KPI’s AI-powered, insight and action platform empowers contact center agents with real-time coaching and guidance and enables the automation of time-consuming and critical actions.

The judges made several telling observations:

  • “SuccessKPI’s AI-automated Quality Management (QM) Scoring solution has led to significant improvements for enterprise customers, including substantial increases in call monitoring percentages and notable reductions in staffing costs while maintaining or improving overall customer experience (CX).”
  • “SuccessKPI’s approach to automating and simplifying the quality management process is very innovative….that can have a transformative impact on the contact center industry. The platform’s ability to provide up to 100% call coverage for quality management without additional resource, while also providing next-level insights on the data, is very impressive.”
  • It was also noted that SuccessKPI “revolutionizes contact centers, eliminating data isolation and embracing analytics behind the scenes, providing rapid access to real information, supporting the mission of higher quality management and greater client services” as well as featuring “valuable machine learning through AI, automating calls with improved service and real-time quality management.”

The judges also acknowledged SuccessKPI’s 100% growth rate, strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services and Genesys and industry recognition.

“When you empower contact center agents and their supervisors with the right tools, guidance, and coaching, they can be the beacons of great experience that all customers appreciate,” “Our long-term commitment to empowering agents, supervisors, and executives with AI and advanced analytics has paid dividends for the growing majority of enterprises who realize that next generation cloud technologies can optimize the contact center and transform business outcomes.”

Dave Rennyson, CEO of SuccessKPI
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