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Maximus is a leading provider of innovative business process management and technology solutions that help governments achieve improved outcomes for citizens and higher levels of productivity, accuracy, accountability, and efficiency of their programs, including Medicaid and Medicare. As the largest provider of contact center services to the government, Maximus has tens of thousands of agents supporting millions of calls each month, with a focus on improving the citizen experience and optimizing the operations of government programs.

At Maximus, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve the Citizen Journey and contact center experience. With SuccessKPI, we were able to add AWS Contact Center Intelligence into our Genesys Cloud environment in a matter of hours and deliver a 360-degree view of the citizen experience. This program allowed us to deliver increased capacity, automated quality review, and agent compliance and performance improvements for government agencies.

– Tom Romeo, General Manager of Maximus Federal

Business Problem:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many essential government programs required quick setup, deployment, and visibility of additional resources to support citizens. As many of these programs ramped up during the peak of the pandemic, many agents were required to work from home. This brought significant technical and operational challenges, as they raced to meet security, scalability, and deployment challenges, while still providing high levels of operational visibility, quality management, and proper oversight. These included remote operational management and the tracking of compliance measures critical to these programs.

While processing millions of calls, Maximus had multiple objectives:

  • Comply and monitor agency directives
  • Process quality management scorecards for more than 2,500 agents
  • Detect for potential fraud and non-compliance by agents
  • Improve operational efficiency with remote agents
  • Provide customized real-time and historical reporting for millions of calls per month


SuccessKPI deployed a highly-trained AI model to detect topics identifying compliance activities. By blending AI with contact center data, derived speech insights, and a QM workflow, managers were able to drive workflows to detect and validate unusual activities in multiple scenarios. SuccessKPI deployed an enterprise data lake and Business Intelligence layer to enable customized reporting to inform executives, monitor key program areas, and validate activities from timesheets and QM effectiveness to schedule performance and growth trends.


SuccessKPI was activated within one week and detected several areas that needed review and flagged agents for performance management. SuccessKPI was expanded to enable better compliance management and helped in identifying gaps in additional activities and processes.

Coupled with the strong operational teams at Maximus, SuccessKPI tools empowered the QM team, reporting team, and speech analysis team to tackle dozens of ad hoc investigation and performance management topics.



30% QM Cost Savings

SuccessKPI partnered with Maximus to create a mission-critical information solution required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the COVID-19 pandemic to launch a cloud-based remote contact center at scale with confidence and speed. Machine scoring enabled upwards of 30% cost savings associated with quality management while delivering a trusted solution at the size and scale the CDC required.