Success Story

Edcor Achieves Enterprise-Grade Analytics in Less Than 40-Hours

Including custom reporting, real-time and historical analytics, custom QM scorecards, and a robust AI/ML-based speech and text analytics program.


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Business Overview

Edcor is the benchmark in education benefits administration. For nearly 40 years, Edcor’s customized service and software solutions have allowed clients to use education benefits programs, including tuition assistance and student loan assistance, for employee recruiting, retention and development.

Key Challenges

Edcor wanted to turn up a best-in-class operation with enterprise-grade analytics, speech and text analytics, digital QM, and a new CCaaS platform. Edcor did not have an IT team to support the custom build-out and was looking for a self-service solution and an advanced analytics partner for their contact center operation and performance monitoring. Edcor’s digital transformation project included a new cloud-based contact center with Amazon Connect and USAN-based technologies to replace a legacy on-prem set of technologies.

Key Success

SuccessKPI provided integrated analytics between Edcor’s new contact center provider, Amazon Connect, and USAN-based solutions. With the ease of deployment of SuccessKPI, Edcor could create a full suite of analytic capabilities in less than 40 hours of deployment that included custom reporting, real-time and historical analytics, custom QM scorecards, and a robust AI/M-based speech and text analytics program. This is further enhanced with SuccessKPI’s Generative AI technology, developed on the robust libraries like PEFT in Sagemaker, which allowed Edcor to quickly fine tune use cases to predict choice/question parameters to assist with the tuning model. SuccessKPI’s user-friendly business tools made it easy for Edcor to be up and running at full scale within four weeks total.

I have been in contact centers for over 20 years, and this was my first experience with AI and ML technology. As an operations guy, I make sure we get the right answers at the right time out the door. Bringing SuccessKPI on board was one of the easiest implementations I have experienced. On day 1, we were able to start listening and scoring calls. It was as if someone turned the data lights on for Edcor.

Terry Lang, Director of CX at Edcor