Success Story

Grupo Multi Delivers Personalized Experience at Scale

SuccessKPI enables 100% monitoring and deepened understanding of customer interactions.


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Omnichannel Visibility

Business Overview

Multi is one of the most diversified consumer goods companies in Brazil with 28 in-house brands, 22 licensed brands, 9 partner brands, and a portfolio of 7,000+ product SKUs. Their mission is dedicated to delivering an exception experience for their end consumers.

Key Challenges

The biggest challenge Grupo Multi faced was in monitoring the quality of conversations, which begins with understanding the individual consumer and individual interactions, and then delivering personalized and optimized experience at large scale. They wanted to improve their ability to detect when there are experience issues and be able to act on that quickly in order to improve processes, actions, and ultimately build a better post-sale experience.

Key Success

SuccessKPI enabled Grupo Multi to gain a deep, personalized understanding of customer experiences at scale. By leveraging speech, text, and sentiment analysis, they captured the sentiment, topics, and issues from consumer interactions. This data was enriched with the cutting-edge Generative AI technology of SuccessKPI, built on a robust AWS AI platform like Sagemaker, transforming the gathered insights into actionable improvements in customer experience and processes. The integration of these advanced technologies allowed Grupo Multi to not only understand customer interactions more deeply but also to apply this understanding in real-time for enhanced customer engagement and have the ability to manage prompt engineering techniques by using libraries within Sagemaker along with LLM models to manage the context with change of thought for conversation in our AI models. Additionally, Grupo Multi leveraged automated quality management with SuccessKPI, moving from monitoring just 1% of calls to a full 100%. This comprehensive approach, powered by the latest in AI and machine learning, significantly amplified their ability to deliver an optimized and personalized customer experience at every touchpoint.

“Where I used to monitor 1% of calls at a level of two contacts per employee per month, and now I monitor 100% of my contacts at a level of 100% of the employees.”

Gerlane Pedroso
Gerlane Pedroso, General Planning Manager, Grupo Multi