Success Story

State Collection Service Gains Critical Visibility into the Business

SuccessKPI’s all-in-one platform brings siloed data into a single pane of glass, leading to measurable business outcomes for State Collection Service.

State Collection Service

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Omnichannel Visibility

Business Overview

Serving many of the nation’s largest healthcare systems since its founding in 1949, State is an expert in healthcare receivables. They provide a balance of positive patient experience with maximized performance through a combination of best-in-class technology, robust infrastructure, and constant innovation. In evaluating their technology stack, State was looking for a technology solution with real-time speech analytics and post-call speech analytics in addition to self-service options for flexibility.

Key Challenges

In rebuilding their cloud technology stack, State experienced challenges to bringing siloed data together, making reporting time-consuming and difficult. They sought a solution that would replicate the current environment to prevent interruptions while bringing together all their data sources for centralizing reporting.

Key Success

SuccessKPI enabled State to centralize reporting by flexibly bringing all data together and integrating with current and new technology partners. The data was further enhanced with high accuracy transcription engines, AI-powered speech and text analytics, and the cutting-edge Generative AI technology of SuccessKPI, which is built on a robust AWS AI platform like Sagemaker. This integration of advanced technologies enables SuccessKPI to automatically machine score all calls based on topics and themes, creating actionable training opportunities and improved quality. Machine learning platforms like Sagemaker and Tensorflow were used for advanced machine learning capabilities. With advanced reporting and full visibility into the entire customer experience, State can now easily tap into real-time and historical data and produce insightful reports for critical decision-making.

“SuccessKPI has been a tremendous partner for us. They took a consultative approach–it wasn’t about just listening to our needs, but also their experience in our industry and background that helped us understand what we didn’t know. It brought visibility into the business.”

Sameer Maini, Chief Information Officer, State Collection Service