Use case

Transform Call Center Strategy


SuccessKPI really rocked our world and revolutionized our business results.
We're super stoked with our plan to just nail our analytics for the next three years.


The problem

A travel Customer suffered from a lack of business insight across geographically distributed business units and contact center teams. The leadership team wanted visibility into:

  • Call intents
  • How agents were handling calls
  • Common skill sets across multiple agent groups

As well, leaders in the company wanted to understand the brand affiliation of partners and sentiment associated with these brands, in addition to its popular destinations.

Furthermore, multiple email groups responded to customers for different reasons, but there was no visibility for:

  • How many email requests they received
  • How long agents took to respond to emails
  • The degree of customer satisfaction across these responses

The solution

The company deployed SuccessKPI to bring visibility across different agent groups, optimize agent performance, distribute workload and define long term contact center strategy.

Business outcomes

  • Rapid deployment to analyze call recordings and emails enabled this customer to define their long term contact center strategy.
  • By capturing intent data in SuccessKPI, the company identified the most common reasons for customer contacts, and complaints related to the holiday season and special event interactions.
  • Identified popular destinations and sentiments associated with the various hotels and airlines around those destinations.
  • Mapped and understood Sentiment Analytics across brands, location and intents.
  • Formulated an understanding of the internal distribution and mapping to external emails, along with handling details - so that they could improve staffing and coaching.
  • Identified agent groups who were bottlenecks on email responses, which indicated opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.