What is Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer journey analytics is the data-driven analytical assessment of customer touchpoints throughout their experience with a brand. This analysis can provide insights that lead to improved internal processes, increase the likelihood of purchases, inform changes in actions that lead to increased customer retention, and ultimately drive improved customer experience and better business outcomes.  

How does this differ from Customer Journey mapping?   

Journey mapping is a best practice for defining and understanding buyers and their preferences for learning throughout their buying and customer cycles. Typically informed by buyer persona surveys, interviews and internal knowledge, buyers journey maps and insights are critical to effective marketing strategy. Even with significant research, the resulting output is typically subjective. With customer journey analytics, data-driven insights based on actual touchpoints are the forefront.   

Why is understanding both essential to the Customer Journey? 

Understanding the customer journey is an essential part of marketing, service and CX strategy in all industries and company sizes. 

Buyers journey maps and strategies are usually owned by marketing, product marketing, or a CX team in an highly customer-focused model, and customer journey analytics owned by Customer Support, CX leaders, or the Contact Center. With these practices often existing in silos, critical insights are not always shared. Shared insights across these strategies can empower: 

  • Improved understanding of customer experience and buying preferences  
  • More quickly identifying areas for improvement in the full customer experience  
  • Ability to predict buyer and customer behavior patterns 
  • Optimizing customer onboarding and retention  

What role does the contact center play in customer journeys? 

Contact Centers have a wealth of information that can validate assumptions and subjective findings of customer journey maps.  The data collected by contact centers is one of the most powerful assets in your organization.  Aligning across business units such as marketing and the contact center allows for expanded thinking and improved outcomes. For example, does marketing have visibility into how their campaigns are impacting communication and requests to the contact center?  Could they increase their results by understanding and tuning programs based on how customers talk about and reach to information marketing brings to market?  Getting a 360 view of conversation data empowers organizations to align with customer focus across business units to achieve maximum outcome for the business.  

SuccessKPI’s approach to customer journey analytics: 

SuccessKPI helps you improve the customer journey to create outstanding customer experiences by bringing a holistic view of customer experience channels (such as voice, text, email), multiple data sources (IVR, ACD, CRM) into one platform. See how our Customer Journey Analytics can help you decode the customer journey and explore insights with a rich Business Intelligence layer.