Use case

Debt Collection: Turn Conversations into Actions That Drive Business Results

Value Streams

  • SuccessKPI empowers organizations to have a Single Source of Truth, removing the obstacle of having data available that is housed in multiple disparate systems. With this 360-degree view of intuitive actionable reporting and visualizations SuccessKPI makes simple things easy and complex things possible by being vendor agnostic
  • Enable organizations with user friendly AI and ML that improves the understanding of interactions by exposing themes and performance outliers then automating processes and actions based on desired business outcomes
  • Technology investment decisions and IT resources are prioritized based on level of effort and time to value, SuccessKPI’s User Interface makes it simple to use and our prebuilt integrations and unique ability to ingest and curate both structured and unstructured data removes the need for long and complex integrations even in the most siloed organizations
  • In highly regulated environments the need to ensure the right thing happens on every interaction regardless of the channel is more important than ever, SuccessKPI automates Quality Management tasks with Playbooks where you can escalate or evaluate and uses Sentiment Analysis to understand what customers are feeling about their interactions

Features & Functions

Call Center Analytics

  • Measure and monitor your KPIs across all channels with realtime and historical data: IVR, Virtual Agents, Chat, Chatbots, Social, Email, and Live Agents
  • Create dashboards and visualizations that show the full spectrum of your customer conversations wherever they occurred
  • Out of the box analytics tools: Dashboards, Common Call Center Metrics, and Key Questions

Speech & Text Analytics

  • Realtime transcription and Natural Language Understanding in 25 languages
  • Detect sentiment, themes, and topics in realtime or historically and
  • Spot keywords, correlate themes, understand sentiment at the conversation, brand and entity
  • Redact keywords that you don’t want transcribed or stored – for instance PII such as credit card and social security number


  • Unlock the power of speech and text analytics, turn conversations into actions that drive business results
  • Combine these elements to build plays for action in realtime, when specific circumstances occur in your call center: Topics (collections of keywords and phrases), Themes (score-weighted collections of Topics), take Actions (sending an email, SMS, invoke an AWS Lambda function, push data to a REST function, or send an conversation to the Evaluation workspace), Redaction, Custom Phrases, and Sentiment
  • Use playbooks to achieve key business outcomes: Increase Operational Efficiency, Automate QA, Reduce Agent Churn, Increase Compliance, Reduce Undue Agent Pressure, Ensure Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers, Reduce Misconduct and Harassment, and Automate Processing


  • Bring topics, themes and sentiment to the forefront in 25 languages
  • Precise with a simple user interface allowing customers to teach the AI engine how to comprehend industry, customer and region-specific phrases, topics, keywords, and pronunciations
  • In addition to speech and text, we extract additional insights like emotion, silence and overtalk
  • Redaction with a flip of a switch
  • Mix realtime transcription with topic detection and actions

Quality Management

  • Evaluate the success of your IVR, Virtual Agent and/or chatbot
  • Throw out labor intensive manual monitoring
  • Streamline your QM system by automating QM tasks with playbooks, setting evaluation standards, and reviewing interactions
  • Empower your workforce for coaching and training
  • Combine and compare supervisor vs. machine learning scores and correlate feedback with data from the contact center and the speech and text analytics data layer