Success Story

BYL Leverages Automated QM for Compliance and CX Results

SuccessKPI enables BYL Companies to deliver the best customer experience while staying compliant with critical industry regulations. 


Calls Evaluated


Omnichannel Visibility

Business Overview

Through BYLs wholly owned subsidiaries, VeriFirst Background Screening, VARO Healthcare, and BYL Collections, businesses across the United States leverage BYL for consolidated risk management and back-office solutions. BYL’s mission is to provide a great customer experience to every caller. A testament to their dedication to customer service, more than 60% of BYL’s new clients are referred by existing clients.

Key Challenges

Operating in a highly regulated medical debt collection space, it is critical for BYL to have a 360-degree view of their contact center with an ability to guide agents in real-time through compliance regulations, including securing IVR payments in real-time. However, only 2-3% of calls were being evaluated manually and it was time-consuming to build reports to gain visibility into the contact center.

Key Success

SuccessKPI empowers BYL with advanced speech, text, and machine learning capabilities, enabling them to save time and comprehensively evaluate 100% of calls. This is further enhanced with SuccessKPI’s Generative AI technology, developed on the robust AWS AI platform like Sagemaker, which elevates BYL’s analytical and operational efficiency. These machine learning platforms, like Sagemaker and Tensorflow, were used for advanced machine learning capabilities. The PEFT library in Sagemaker was used to help fine tune the model against the actual transcription and associated metadata in the model. In addition to gaining full visibility into customer interactions, BYL leverages SuccessKPI’s Agent Empower feature, which provides real-time alerts to supervisors based on live call analysis, ensuring stringent PCI compliance. This integration of cutting-edge AI technology ensures that BYL is not only maintaining compliance with critical industry regulations but also continuously improving their customer experience.

“With SuccessKPI we are now able to audit every single call, instead of just a handful. Being able to have a full picture of what’s happening in your call center saves you time and resources.”

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Sara Connolly, General Manager, BYL Companies