Amazon Connect Speech to Text: Revolutionize Contact Center Software Technology

There are multiple KPIs that are available today. It is essential to understand which ones are key to your business.

There are multiple KPIs that are available today. It is essential to understand which ones are key to your business. Often what comes to that decision-making is understanding the structure of those KPIs and how they impact your business. Once you have the KPIs you want to track — building them, tracking them, and taking the correct action at the right time is critical to success.

This blog outlines some best practices and lessons learned from various industries to help your drive a strategy toward measuring critical KPIs.

Amazon Connect Speech to Text: Revolutionize Contact Center Software Technology

Amazon Connect speech-to-text (STT) is helping revolutionize the contact center as we know it. With many employees now working remotely, contact center operations have become complex and geographically dispersed. Real-time speech-to-text technology helps contact center customers and employees to thrive in this environment and the future. As a result, contact centers can achieve the following:

  • Improved agent compliance and productivity
  • Faster agent training
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Reduced agent turnover
  • Reduced call time, and post-call work
  • Increased NPS metrics, slash customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue and sales
  • Faster access to real-time trends and business intelligence

How can Amazon Connect speech to text help modern-day contact centers make the above a reality?

Setting Agents and Customers Up for Success

Real-time speech-to-text tools enable organizations to identify customer needs and address them on the fly. For a start, contact centers can deploy advanced conversation AI to perform routine tasks through bots. These bots answer questions using human-like natural language.

Consequently, agents are free to focus on more pressing needs that demand their attention. STT can assess the customer’s needs and route calls to the right agent for faster resolution.

Providing Faster and More Effective Support

AI-powered STT tools can offer agents just-in-time information about the caller. The tools do this based on the caller’s tone of voice and other relevant cues. This information allows agents to take the next best action for both the customer and the business at all times.

With such a system in place, an agent can respond faster to a caller’s questions, optimizing call outcomes. Agents also know when to suggest additional services and products based on AI offer and selling recommendations.

With constant guidance from the system, agents become proficient and remain engaged in their work. There’s significantly less manual supervision and training needed.

Centering Customer Service Through Post-Call Work Automation

One of the most challenging roles for contact center agents is completing post-call notes and summaries. Real-time STT transcription can help eliminate this work by putting in place a streamlined post-call process.

Organizations can ensure there are automatically generated summaries with no agent time or effort required. As a result, agents can focus on what they do best — serving customers and solving problems.

Allowing for Just-In-Time Management Support and Smart Decision Making

Amazon Connect speech to text doesn’t just benefit agents. The tool also enables contact center managers to provide more timely and effective guidance to their teams remotely. These systems can transcribe and analyze live calls, so managers immediately know when there’s an issue.

This works well in situations where agents could benefit from on-the-spot support or additional training. Managers also have instant access to real-time call analytics on agent performance. More importantly, they have access to automated summaries of all customer interactions.

Management can tailor reports to highlight what is most important for business needs and team goals. Faster feedback loops and improved coaching systems enable employees and customers to experience the benefits of STT immediately. At the management level, leaders can ensure they always have a finger on the organization’s pulse. After all, they have access to real-time business insights, changing trends, and team performance metrics.


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