Overcoming Top Cloud Contact Migration Challenges

The reason behind the push to the cloud is multifaceted. Cloud migration opens the door to new opportunities that better serve a remote workforce.

Are you looking to shift your contact center to the cloud? If so, then you are far from alone. A recent study reports that more than sixty-four percent of IT decision-makers say that their cloud strategy is essential to remaining competitive in their industry​​. Gartner predicts that at least 50 percent of contact centers will adopt Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) by 2022.

The reason behind the push to the cloud is multifaceted. Cloud migration opens the door to new opportunities that better serve a remote workforce, as well as unlocks new data insights and automations via AI/ML. And in a world where remote work has become the norm, cloud-based tools support a distributed workforce. Chris Howe, President of Limitless Connect, shared, “They spent 30 years trying to keep people in the building and they had 30 days to get everyone out.”

Some other driving forces for contact center cloud migration include:

  • Improved scalability over self-hosted solutions
  • Increased uptime and reliability requirements
  • Modern workload and infrastructure demands (including AI/ML)
  • Support for flexible staffing
  • Faster adaptations to changing consumer needs
  • Seamless omni-channel communications

However, migrating your contact center to the cloud shouldn’t happen without careful planning and consideration. You need a clear strategy and a deep understanding of the potential challenges and roadblocks. Left unprepared, your organization is less likely to find success in the cloud and may struggle to achieve a strong return on investment.

If that feels overwhelming, consider the fact that 56 percent of IT decision-makers say they’re unsure how to assess optimal deployment for cloud applications. What you need is a comprehensive guide to lead you through the process, from planning to deployment and beyond. With the right information and tools at hand, you and your team can more clearly understand what challenges migrating your contact center to the cloud can help you overcome. Additionally, you will be able to define what a successful cloud deployment looks like and how to maintain success moving forward.

Our Contact Center Cloud Migration Guide was developed with you and your organization in mind. In it, we break down the driving forces behind cloud migration for contact centers, identify common challenges and how to overcome them, and provide a clear map for ongoing success. If you are looking to make the cloud contact center leap, check out our Cloud Migration White Paper.


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