Tips on How to Use Text Analytics Dashboard to Deliver Superhuman CX

Modern-day organizations receive massive amounts of text data from clients through various channels, such as IVR, chatbots, and social media.


Modern-day organizations receive massive amounts of text data from clients through various channels, such as IVR, chatbots, and social media. Processing the sheer volume of information can be challenging, and that’s why most organizations are turning to text analytics.

Text analytics automates the process of analyzing and visualizing unstructured text data. This technology utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform text conversations into measurable data points. It provides cutting-edge benefits for businesses that want to deliver a superhuman customer experience.

The text analytics dashboard is an excellent alternative to flawed CX approaches. It has numerous features and capabilities to help you deliver a great customer experience.

Here we look at just a few.

Helps Identify Critical Issues in Real-Time

The text analytics dashboard displays all customer interaction data in real time, detecting pain points and factors that cause customer dissatisfaction. This helps businesses flag any issues and take immediate action.

Text analytics uses NLP to detect emotions, sentiments, and tone changes. This helps agents de-escalate conversations easily. With this tool, you can understand the overall emotion, anger, or feeling behind a conversation. You can quickly uncover hidden trends even without having to do customer surveys.

Delivers Actionable Insights and Personalized Reporting

It’s like listening to customers talk about your brand. Text analytics helps derive actionable insights from each conversation better than surveys.

The text analytics dashboard allows you to customize your reports. You can choose the KPIs and metrics that you want to track based on your organizational goals. All you need is to create dashboards that enable you to view the most crucial data. Also, you can filter the information to display what you are only interested in.

You Can Measure and Track Metrics and Trends Over Time

With a reliable text analytics dashboard, you can track different metrics to measure the call center’s performance. Some of the highly tracked CX metrics include:

  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Net promoter score
  • Customer effort score

These metrics are essential in monitoring the call center’s performance. You can track them over time to identify whether your customer experience strategies are working.

Analyze Data to Avoid Losing Customers

Customer retention is a major problem in many organizations. Many modern companies experience high churn rates as customers turn to their competitors for more efficient solutions.

Text analytic dashboards help track causes of dissatisfaction and issues that make customers seek alternatives. Through the sentiments, you can easily notice issues and avert a churn crisis. Also, they measure the churn rate before and after tweaking products or services. This helps an organization know how effective its product design is.

Understand What Your Customers Think about Support Staff

Contact center agents play a critical role in achieving organizational goals. Therefore, it’s essential to understand whether your agents help achieve your goals.

Through the text analytics dashboard, you can monitor how customers react to or feel about agents. This is a great way to understand your agents’ weaknesses and strengths. Also, you can use these analytics to reward agents according to their performance.

The Bottom Line

As evident above, text analytics dashboards have the power to transform CX in the call center. All you need is to implement the right text analytics dashboard with the essential features and capabilities.

SuccessKPI’s customizable call center analytics dashboard allows you to monitor conversations in real time and track key metrics. It’s optimized to help contact center managers and agents derive actionable insights from text conversations and elevate the customer experience. Contact us today to implement SuccessKPI in your call center or book a demo!

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