Transforming Government Satisfaction with Cloud Toolsets

Government agencies take notice: positive outcomes within the citizen experience are within reach with your move to the cloud.

Transforming Government call center satisfaction has never been more critical for the public sector, and agencies are working hard to meet the expectations of their constituents with cloud toolsets.

Customer experience is more important than ever in the public sector. In fact, “satisfied customers are nine times more likely to trust their government or agency,” as highlighted in McKinsey’s 2022 report, Prioritizing Customer Experience in Government.

In this article, explore key findings on how to get the most from your cloud contact center solution deployments––increasing efficiency, driving improved results, and leading to a better citizen experience.

What are organizations listening for?

A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SuccessKPI indicated contact center operators around the world revealed that nearly half of all contact center decision-makers are having little to no success with their cloud migration efforts. 

Only 25% are content with their contact center performance and due to technical complexity and lack of resources, leaders are left frustrated and at a loss after migrating to the cloud with only 23% of survey respondents saying they experienced a completely successful migration to CCaSS solutions.  

Agents are challenged due to staffing and resource limitations, and they are unable to offer the lifeline available for citizens in need of critical government support. From unemployment benefits to mission-critical information required by CDC––a successful cloud-based remote contact center is the key to unlocking government satisfaction. 

The Future is The Cloud

Organizations face a future where call centers will be cloud-based. From economics to versatility––collecting and applying analytics, AI and automation to an array of data sources is only viable in the cloud vs. legacy on-premise contact centers. However, the Forrester study revealed that data, functionality and familiarity very often get lost in the migration to cloud.

“The move to the cloud has been a frustrating journey for many,” according to the Forrester study. “Gaps in capabilities, like automation and intelligence, mean many organizations are not seeing the promise of CCaaS.”

Driving Improved Citizen Experiences

SuccessKPI enables government agencies to see a complete view of a citizen’s customer journey by drawing on direct interactions from channels such as SMS text, email and virtual assistant dialogue. Agencies gain deeper insights and understanding by decoding and visualizing conversations with AI engines running accurate transcripts of live conversations with suggestions for the next best actions in more than 30 languages. 

A Trusted and Secure Citizen Experience

Protecting citizens and their data is as critical as serving them, and agencies can trust that secure experiences for their constituents and employees will be met, while mitigating risk and exceeding compliance standards with SuccessKPI’s revolutionary insight and action platform built for federal, state, and local government agencies.

The platform provides above recommended security features including automatic PII redactions and all key relevant certifications such as FedRAMP, ISO 27001, HIMPAA, SOC2 among others.These protections help maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

SuccessKPI also unifies agent location data with timesheets and login information to display a reconciled view of actual and reported performance. Risks are further managed by detecting and filtering crisis calls, automatically triggering supervisory attention to AI-identified threats or emergencies.

See how government agencies are transforming the citizen experience with SuccessKPI.

Cloud Contact Center Success (Forrester Study)

Conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SuccessKPI, the commissioned study “The Frustrating Journey to Cloud Contact Center Success” indicates the move to the cloud has been a frustrating journey, and that cloud toolsets are essential to success in the cloud.

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