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A Collaborative Approach to the SuccessKPI Channel Partnership

This week, we announced the launch of our new Global Partner Program at SuccessKPI and the leadership appointment of Director and Head of Channels, Emil Modugno. Prior to SuccessKPI, Modugno designed, led, and grew go-to-market channel partnerships and programs to over 75 in less than two years at Zoom Video Communications. As the market demand…
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3 Ways Speech and Text Analytics Can Transform Your Contact Center

Learn how to simplify and position best in class contact center metrics to communicate contact center performance with your agents and supervisors, and executive leadership.

Everything You Need to Know About Contact Center Metrics: A Comprehensive Guide to KPIs

There are endless contact center metrics and KPIs that can be monitored but how much can they really tell you? Do you fully understand how to interpret them to affect positive change in your business? In this guide, we are going to look at the best contact center metrics and KPIs and show you how…

Overcoming Top Cloud Contact Migration Challenges

Are you looking to shift your contact center to the cloud? If so, then you are far from alone. A recent study reports that more than sixty-four percent of IT decision-makers say that their cloud strategy is essential to remaining competitive in their industry​​. Gartner predicts that at least 50 percent of contact centers will…

Financial Industry Call Centers Face Need to Embrace Digital Transformation

Financial institutions are a cornerstone of the economy yet they are one of the last institutions to fully embrace digital transformation in the modern age. While many offer website and mobile apps, their customer service contact centers and data operations remain woefully behind the curve.   A lack of unified data and outdated tech for…


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